Grumman step van windshield

Fleet Return - Serviced Since New. Financing and shipping available. Make FORD. Cargo Length. We have many step vans in stock. Call today. AS NEW. Government owned. Looks like it has been garaged its whole life. Many Step vans in stock, call today! Make Grumman Olson. The vehicle was originally purchased by the iconic Seattle department store Frederick and Nelson. With over 6 feet of headroom this step van is perfectly suited for a myriad of applications.

Break away from your competitors with a curved windshield and retro styling, the ideal canvass for paint and your business logo.

Contact Bill for additional information at Model MT Model E Many step vans in stock. This is the long one with nice aluminum Fedex shelving already in place in the rear, just serviced and inspected, runs and drives great. Odometer is showing 35k miles, reader shows actual miles at k, Washington state history, clean carfax report.

Stepvan Sliding Window Glass

Clean title trades accepted, financing options available, call or e-mail Joseph with any questions or to schedule viewing appointment Elk Grove, CA. Dallas, OR. Federal Way, WA. Monroeville, PA. Green Bay, WI. Martinsburg, WV. North Kingstown, RI. Alert Successfully Created. Save search. Cars for Sale Step Vans Washington. City Kent 9 Sumner 2 Pacific 1 Seattle 1.

ZIP Code. Year minYear Apply Filters Clear Search. Daily Weekly No Emails. Submit Cancel.Did you know I love step vans? Are you surprised? But this version of the Chevy Step Van is also very nice, with its graceful, flowing front end. The problem is that these windshields have long been out of production, and UV owners have scoured them from junkyards.

Some of them have resorted to the same solution used by this Step Van owner: Make a new windshield from a number of flat panes. The delivery vehicules made by Grumman Olson seems to be inspired by the Step Van or is it the other way around? Btw, who remember the Divco van? When you purchased a Multi stop chassis you got a bag that included those step van badges the headlight trim, side marker lights ect.

The only ones that were done sort of in-house were the later IH Metros when they purchased the Metropolitan Body works before they discontiued them and went back to only selling the Multi-stop chassis.

Metropolitan Body works was unique in that they only made their trucks on IH chassis while Gruman, Olsen, and all the others would build you a truck on which ever or on a couple of different brands of chassis. Though they did sell the bare chassis for the same usage. No, though it was a closer relationship with Grumman in the earlier years and GM did try to make it look like they built it despite the fact that the body was built and installed at the Grumman factory.

As far as I can tell, these various Step Van bodies were actually built by different suppliers; at least the red one was built by Union City Body.

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There were other suppliers too, I suspect, and had a deal with Chevy to sell them under their name. Bendable glass touchscreens are available now, but this video from claims that the glass can be made in various thicknesses.

A guy who repaired furniture in my business park had an IHC Metro with an old six. It was a mobile sign and I loved it.

He finally sold it and cried about that for a long time afterwards.

grumman step van windshield

I had an early seventies cube van 1 ton that I used for a spell. Could do any job out of that, I loved it. Many Divco trucks were actually set up to be driven standing up — at least until the early s.

I have vivid memories as a little kid, of the milkman climbing into his Divco and driving off, standing. Loved the Divco milk trucks. Quality Dairy in St. Louis delivered our milk, and on a hot summer day, my buddies and me would sit on the curb, shirtless, sweat-stained from dust running around all day, and when the milk man came, gave us all a big chunk of crystal-clear ice! This truck Divco could be driven either sitting or standing. As to the rounded-front Step Van…dunno.

Never saw a new one, ever…not even in the s. The only ones I saw were decrepit or in wrecking yards. When it was time to order wiper and heater parts the listings are not by GM they are by Grumman and the year.

They were available for order directly through the GM dealer but the body did not come out of a GM factory and the completed vehicles were stocked at the Grumman faciltiy.

They did a very clean job with that Step Van, but I think that joint is directly in front of the driver. Which has got to be annoying. One of the UVers actually persuaded the manufacturer in Peru to get out the old molds and start making these windshields again — so if you really need them they are available.

They are not cheap though, that is a lot of glass. You like step vans?Complete wiper linkage and motor assembly for many and newer Morgan Olson's with 93"" bodies. Wide 12mm saddle - newer Utilimaster trucks Exact fit up to After call with your VIN number. Our lever is includ Heavy duty 2-Speed and intermittent wiper switch. Has 6 color coded wire leads, 5" long. Controls 1 motor. Push to wash. For use with This is a 6 wire switch. Uses knob, not included with switch. Wiper Conversion Kit.

Converts wiper system from below the windshield to above windshield on Grumman Olson Route Star trucks. Wiper motor, 2 speed, Coast to Park. Used on trucks and newer. Call with your VIN number before orderin Windshield washer hose fitting that mounts through the cowl. Poly fitting with replaceable steel barb for wet arm hose. Fits cowls up Popular on Grumman Olson above windshield only, except unitized system.

Wiper motor Kit with levers and pivot shafts. Motor has 5 pin plug. Wiper Knob only. Used on our switch numbers, and Used on our switch numbers: These blades mount saddle style that bolt through the arm and blade.

Straight blade for flat windshield.GlassMasters is a windshield replacement company with locations and mobile service in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

Grumman / Morgan Olson Wiper Parts

Trust us with your Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van windshield replacement. Your safety is our priority. We use the highest-quality products. Our skilled technicians take care of every detail so we can get you safely on the road. GlassMasters handles thousands of side and rear window replacement jobs across Alberta every year. Side mirrors are your window to safety. GlassMasters autoglass is the supplier of choice for many of automotive dealerships in Alberta in including Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van.

Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van GlassMasters is a windshield replacement company with locations and mobile service in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van Side Mirrors Side mirrors are your window to safety. Car Dealerships Trust GlassMasters GlassMasters autoglass is the supplier of choice for many of automotive dealerships in Alberta in including Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van.

grumman step van windshield

Get a Quote for Chevrolet-truck Pton- -step-van.Home Grumman Boat Windshields. Please search through our data base below. Please understand, this is the ONLY way we can assist you. This allows you to feel confident in the choice you are making. Our quote form goes to our special quotes department who are specialized to handle these types of situations.

Because we do not go out to your boat, this information allows them to properly review and advise you as to what needs to be done to get a shield fabricated for you.

This is the same as my Windshield! C olor: Clear. Color: Tinted. This is the Console for this Boat listed. Please compare it to yours to be sure you have a match. Shipping Not Included. Shipping to a Commercial Address is always less expensive than Residential! We do not provide or sell hardware.

grumman step van windshield

Click here to learn more. Want a Quote of your Shield instead for us to duplicate it? You must have authorization prior to sending in your shield. You must verify the measurements before ordering! We do not verify measurements as we do not have access to your boat or Windshield.

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If you do not find your specific Make, Model, Year, and Size of Boat listed here, we ask that you please do not ask us if we know if it will fit or not. Windshields listed on this Web Site are only ones that we have verified.I am thinking about ordering the glass and having it shipped. Then find someone to install, maybe an auto body shop. I have to get mine repaired as well.

grumman step van windshield

Working on getting my Chevy P30 ready and am having the hardest time finding a company interested in replacing both of my front windshields. Anyone else had a difficult time with this?

Any suggestions? I am in the Nashville area. There are plenty of these type vehicles on the road, so there has to be someone who does this. My step dad does flat safety glass windshields in street rods that have been chopped. Mill Supply has the best deal on the windshield gasket that I have found. With the old style locking strip gasket, these are the easiest type of glass to install.

They will both do it, but neither likes doing these. The flat glass is too easy to break, and then they have to eat the cost of it. From where you have got the kit for doing p30 windshield replacement. February 22, at am Magus Member. I have a Utilimaster body…just thought I should throw that in there. Inkys Member. I would be sure to have them provide the glass just to cover all possibilities. March 24, at pm December 28, at pm LeeMarkus Participant.

You must be logged in to reply to this topic.Replacement Stationary Glass for WN, no installation hardware. Stationary Glass for WN, no installation hardware. Replacement Sliding Glass for WN Replacement Sliding Glass for WN, no installation hardware.

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