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Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentmentmisogyny[4] misanthropy[1] self-pity[5] self-loathing[6] racism[4] [7] [8] a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people. Estimates of the overall size of the actual subculture vary greatly. At least four mass murdersresulting in a total of 45 deaths, have been committed in North America by men who have either self-identified as incels or who had mentioned incel-related names and writings in their private writings or Internet postings.

Incel communities have been criticized by the media and researchers for being misogynistic, encouraging violence, spreading extremist views, and radicalizing their members. The first online community to use the term "incel" was started in when a Canadian university student known only by her first name, Alana, created a website in order to discuss her sexual inactivity with others. Inshe started a mailing list on the topic that used the abbreviation INVCEL, later shortened to "incel", for "anybody of any gender who was lonely, had never had sex or who hadn't had a relationship in a long time".

She stopped participating in her online project around [27] and gave the site to a stranger. That's a pretty sad version of this phenomenon that's happening today.

Things have changed in the last 20 years. Over the next decade, the membership of love-shy.

A Toxic ‘Brotherhood’: Inside Incels’ Dark Online World

It was known as a place where men blamed women for their involuntary celibacy, sometimes advocated rape or other forms of violence, and were misogynistic and often racist. At the time of the ban, the community had around 40, members. Incel communities have become more extremist and focused on violence in recent years.

Incel communities continue to exist on more lenient platforms, such as Reddit, 4chan, and Voat. Many incel communities are characterized by resentment, self-pity, [5] racism, misogyny, misanthropyand narcissism.

Some discussions endorse suicide among incels, [51] violence against sexually active women and more sexually successful men, [32] [52] [53] and harassment of women, [21] including activities such as catfishing. Some incels consider him to be the true progenitor of today's online incel communities. Many incels justify their prejudices using interpretations taken from concepts such as biological determinism and evolutionary psychology.

Incel communities are a part of the broader manosphere. The "black pill" is a set of beliefs that are commonly held amongst members of incel communities, such as biological determinismfatalismand defeatism for unattractive people. The concept of the black pill distinguishes incels from the men's rights movement and their popular reference to the red pillan allusion to the dilemma in the movie The Matrix where the protagonist must choose to remain in a world of illusion taking the blue pill or to see the world as it really is taking the red pill.

The term black pill was first popularized on the blog Omega Virgin Revolt, where the term commended despondency in order to distinguish incels from the pickup artist communities.On the phone, he spoke softly and repeatedly apologized for seeming anxious. Eric, 19, has never had sex. He says he feels hopeless, unwanted and deeply angry at women and society for rejecting him.

Currently unemployed, Eric spends most of his time on incel message boards, including Lookism. Others are laced with racism and misogyny.

Thousands of lonely men like Eric are drawn in by the allure of camaraderie. But the distorting, echo chamber quality of the internet can fuel radicalization within these networks. He could not be reached for an interview. Incel websites are attractive to these men for many reasons.

incel forum

While not all men who join incel groups appear to hate women, experts say their toxic forums instill and perpetuate misogyny, self-pity and rage. After a man went on a rampage in Toronto on Sunday, killing a young woman and a year-old girl, incel groups erupted in excitement over the possibility that he was a fellow incel.

Rodger is a virtual martyr among radical incels, who cheer each other on as they fantasize about raping and killing women, and emulating his massacre. Extremism experts warn that as incel groups proliferate, the threat of another mass murder grows. In April, a man rammed a van into a crowd of pedestrians in downtown Toronto, killing eight women and two men. Soon, he too was lauded as a source of inspiration by incels online.

How bout a rape count or an acid-in-her-fucking-face count?

incel forum

The nearly 6, members of Incels. Many are strikingly similar to those written by Rodger and other misogynists-turned-terrorists, and focus on one fantasy in particular: Vengeance. Typical posts on the forum describe not only a desire to have sex with women but also to hurt, humiliate, control and punish them.

All they are, or should be, is slaves to men. Examples need to be made. They talk gleefully about molesting women on crowded buses, harassing them on social media and catfishing them on dating sites to obtain naked photos for blackmailing purposes, among other things. Private companies such as Facebook and Twitter can decide what content is allowable on their sites but have generally failed to keep toxic misogyny off their platforms, despite repeated pledges to combat extremism. In the European Union, lawmakers have taken an interventionist approach by threatening social media companies with new legislation if they fail to crack down on hate speech and extremist content.

Successful efforts to eradicate a hateful online community can often lead to the creation of one or several new hate groups, resembling a game of whack-a-mole. But new incel groups quickly popped up, and continue to appear today, including massive pages on Reddit and forums hosted on separate websites.

Discussions mostly centered on building confidence and helping each other make connections. Today, incel forums are populated almost entirely by men, and discussions of extreme violence against women are commonplace.

As HuffPost recently uncoveredan incel who is also a white supremacist and a self-proclaimed pedophile is running for Congress. Such sentiments, though extreme, are not uncommon on incel pages. Another member, who says he is 18 years old, described his desire to choke an attractive woman to death. Alana, who asked to be identified only by her first name, created the first online incel community in It drew in men and women from around the world, including Reformed Incel.

As Alana, Reformed Incel and Futrelle have observed, these communities that once offered encouragement and validation now portray women as evil and incels as victims.

Many on incel forums appear to be quite young.What surprised me about the recent attack in Toronto was that people were surprised by its apparent motivation. As a young-ish woman with an opinion on the internet, the existence of misogyny and its power to cause harm are profoundly unshocking to me. Or it had been, until I decided to spend an evening on an incel forum.

Until it kills people. Of course, misogyny has been killing people for millennia… only, those people have been women. For many, many millions of women, the deadly threat of misogyny is being recognised far too late. Just fucking lol. Such comments are common on incels. It was concerning how quickly I became desensitised to them.

And by deadly force, I'm talking about gunning them down. I am telling you now brothers to protect yourselves no matter what. You have to pay your dues if you believe you're worthy of respect or rights. If you were all about equality as a lot of you pretend to be, you wouldn't expect men to bend over backwards for you every time you want something. It's about time you recognized that you have so far played a game which is rigged in your favour.

You have used your female privilege with the sole purpose of taking advantage of men to gain more resources.

Incel Absurdity - RedPillTalk

You knew you couldn't overpower us physically, so you used the game of seduction to take ranks of men to your side. You have only advanced this far because other men have worked to place you where you now stand. You have used our own brothers to give you a head start in life. We don't deserve respect just because we are men. No, we deserve respect because we have created this entire world. Everything you see was created by men. On the other hand, you expect people to suck up to you just because you have a pussy.

How pathetic is that! You deserve to be spanked with a leather belt.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Forums Incels lounge JavaScript is disabled.

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Involuntary Celibacy

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Forums Incels lounge JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Filters Show only: Loading…. Sticky We are the new generation of conservatives. Replies 78 Views 12K. Today at AM Ricky Spanish. Sticky The biggest news story over the next 10 years? Arthur Jan 9, 2 3. Replies 46 Views 3K.

incel forum

Apr 8, KhhvForEternity. Che Feb 8, 2. Replies 31 Views 2K. Apr 3, Stem. Sticky Women have it 10x better and I can prove it. Replies 50 Views 20K. Mar 15, FSM. Replies 89 Views 37K. Feb 16, Cryptoknight. Locked Sticky Incel Constitution.

incel forum

Replies 0 Views 6K. Jul 2, lordoftheincels. I believe that within every individual, there lies two selves. The Real and Ideal. Most suffering can be attributed to the gap between these two.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Involuntary Celibacy New posts. Incels lounge Quality central Precious content made by Approved submitters. Threads Messages 9. I believe that within every individual, there lies two selves.

The Real and Ideal. Most suffering can be attributed to the gap between these two. General discussion Threads 5. Threads 5. I dont know why i have so much trouble wuth women. A moment ago KhhvForEternity. Threads 1K Messages I got a joke.The strange overlap of these disturbing online communities provides a glimpse into how the darkest recesses of the internet operate both economically and culturally.

The forums take in donations and ad revenue and operate under the guise of free expression and anti-censorship. Last week, police in Pennsylvania said they were investigating the May 22 death of year-old Shawn Shatto.

Her family alleged that members of the online suicide forum provided her with instructions and enouragement to kill herself. After going through her phone's browser history, her family found Shatto's messages on the forum, which BuzzFeed News is intentionally not naming, and posted some of them online.

In a now-deleted forum thread on May 22, Shatto described the method she was using to kill herself — while other members coaxed her along.

Marquis told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday that he and his cofounder are both incels and founded sites such as Incels. Marquis provided screenshots to BuzzFeed News showing his email address linked to the management panel of a domain registrar that listed several incel sites and the suicide forum.

He has also previously revealed on Reddit that he owns both the incel and suicide forums. Members who harass or insult others on the suicide forum, he said, are punished.

Alex — who did not disclose his last name — told BuzzFeed News that he was a year-old man from the UK who had suffered from mental health issues. Alex said, however, that he was banned from the forum for asking questions about its link to the incel communities. Meanwhile, the suicide forum is used by many women, some of whom — according to Marquis — are victims of rape and abuse. Incels spread messages that encourage targeting women for violence and discrimination — in both public and private ways.

Several mass murderers and attempted mass murderers have identified as incels or said they were inspired by the Isla Vista massacre, including those responsible for the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon in October ; the April van attack in Toronto; and the November shooting at a yoga studio in Florida.

Marquis, who appears to be the media-savvy spokesperson for the communities, informed members of the suicide forum that he and Serge were incels who owned incel sites before BuzzFeed News published this story. The incel forum — which currently has more than 9, members — gets modest revenue from donations and by selling ad space, Marquis said, which is used for site maintenance. Marquis and Serge started the suicide forum in March after Reddit banned a subreddit with the same purpose.

The suicide forum now has more than 6, members and has received a very small number of donations, he said. Marquis said that he and Serge also founded Looksmax.

Damn these women

Referring to the violent threads on Incel. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders. Contact Tasneem Nashrulla at tasneem. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.


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