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Bodybuilding is a strictly aesthetic venture. There are some people out there that believe having an aesthetic physique automatically means you have a powerful physique. Powerbuilding is the best way to go so that you not only look like a comic book superhero, but can perform like one in the gym as well.

Size without strength is almost meaningless. Imagine the Hulk having all that massive muscle without having the ability to lift a car over his head. The same can be said of bodybuilders. PHUL, an abbreviation for power hypertrophy upper lower, is a system that promotes strength gains as well as muscle gain.

The system is designed to hit each muscle group twice within the week focusing on both the upper and lower body. Compound movements are the main focus of this training program to ensure strength gains as well as improve your proficiency in the three major lifts the bench, the squat, and the deadlift.

Isolation movements are also apart of the program, but the compound movements are going to improve your strength. Two days out of the four day program are focused purely on strength while the other two are focused on hypertrophy.

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Follow Us. April 17,The other day, I came across something called the PHUL workout, which is short for power, hypertrophy, upper, lower.

The PHUL workout involves training the muscles in your lower body and upper body on separate days. Two of the weekly workouts are focused on building strength, while the other two focus on hypertrophy-style training.

An upper body PHUL workout will normally hit your chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps, while the lower body workout works your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Because exercises like squats and deadlifts fall on lower body day, these workouts will also hit your lower back. A PHUL training program involves two so-called power days, one for the lower body and one for the upper body. These workouts typically involve compound lifts like the bench press, squat, deadlift and overhead press, done with heavy weights and low reps.

The other two days of the PHUL workout plan are reserved for hypertrophy workouts, where the goal is to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. The hypertrophy workouts focus on bodybuilding-style training, which usually involves lighter weights, higher reps and more single-joint exercises. The terms are used more as labels to refer to a particular set, rep and weight configuration, rather than describing completely the physiological adaptations resulting from those workouts.

In some cases, lower reps and heavier weights 4 sets of reps have been shown to work just as well as higher reps and lighter weights 4 sets of reps when it comes to building muscle [ 1 ]. With the standard PHUL program, each muscle group is trained twice a week. One study, published in the International Journal of Sports Medicinetracked a group of trained men who lifted weights three times a week using either a constant or varied training program [ 3 ].

The constant group used the same rep range in every workout, while the varied group rotated between heavy reps medium reps and light reps training days. After eight weeks, both groups gained muscle, with no statistically significant difference in the rate of growth between the two.

However, the men who switched up their training gained the most muscle. The differences in muscle growth between the two groups were relatively small. But this was a short study, lasting only a couple of months. Over months and years, those small differences may well add up. This ensures that more of the available fibers in a given muscle are recruited and trained, which in turn will lead to a superior level of muscle development.

But this is more of a strength-oriented workout. Heavy strength training can lead to an improvement in various measures of power, such as jump height and sprint speed, particularly in beginners [ 45 ]. Lighter weights and faster lifting speeds will often do a better job, and have been shown to improve power independently of changes in strength [ 7 ]. In short, if you want to train for power in a way that will transfer most effectively to athletic performance, there are better ways to do it than using a PHUL workout.

With the PHUL training program, you can set up your training week in various different ways, depending on the time you have available to train. This is the default version of the PHUL training program. You hit the upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday, then take Wednesday off. Thursday is upper body, Friday is lower body and you have the weekend off. Each muscle group is trained twice a week. If you miss a workout, you can move it to the following day. Skip the second lower body workout, for example, and you can just push it back to Saturday.

In fact, I prefer doing my lower body workouts first.

reddit phul

Training the legs is hard work, much harder than training the upper body. I like coming into a lower body workout fresh from a day or two of complete rest. You can also take the standard 4-day PHUL workout, insert an extra day of rest, and turn it into a 3-day routine. Over the course of a month, each muscle group is worked an average of 1. In week three, the upper body workout ends up back on Monday, and you start the cycle all over again.The last decade has seen an explosion of fitness 'gurus' who claim that their 'revolutionary' and 'never-before-seen' workouts and programs are exactly the thing you need to get to the next level in your training.

But an iconic lifter by the name of Brandon Campbell set out to put an end to this and created a program that incorporates science and real-world training experience, giving birth to the PHUL workout. Note that it is still highly recommended to read this article in full to understand how the program functions and how to properly use it to maximize your progress. Your Name required.

Your Email required. At some point in life, many of us take a look in the mirror and decide we'd look a whole lot better with some big arms and well-defined quads. When we make this decision, in reality we have simply made a commitment to packing on muscle volume through the use of a hypertrophy training program.

While the science behind this process can be complicated, the application of its principles is pretty simple. In order to achieve hypertrophy, there has to be an emphasis on progressive overload throughout a training program. There are many theories on why we get bigger during training programs with the vast majority being absolutely ridiculous.

We don't possess the ability to change how many fibers our muscles have and you certainly can't change your genetics. However, you do have the ability to increase the size of the muscle fibers you possess, allowing you to utilize the best benefits your genetic make-up offers you. In more scientific terms, hypertrophy refers to an enlargement of muscular cells.

On the other hand, hyperplasia refers to an increase in the amount of muscular cells. Hypertrophy is where a majority of results in size occur, however. In order to achieve optimal hypertrophy, there has to be a clear-cut balance between the frequency of training, the intensity of training sessions, the type of training being done free weights vs.

When these domains are in unison with proper rest and nutritionyou create a recipe for rapid increases in both size and strength. There has to be a careful link between volume and intensity to promote muscular growth and strength effectively. In other words, you want to be working out hard enough to make results, but not so hard that you can't recover. There is a fine balance and it matters.

This program was devised a few years back by the popular YouTuber and fitness expert, Brandon Campbell and uses a combination of two power days and two hypertrophy days to achieve impressive increases in hypertrophy and strength during a single training cycle. It's perfect for powerlifters during an off season or powerlifters who simply want to optimize hypertrophy instead of just strength.

But know that this program is designed for experienced and serious lifters who are looking to start packing on size and strength quickly. In simplest terms, by focusing on getting stronger, more weight can be lifted in the hypertrophy rep range. This directly leads to gaining mass quicker. Additionally, new research has shown that training sessions cause a release of protein for up to 48 hours post workout. PHUL utilizes this principle by hitting each muscle group twice per week, opposed to the classic once-per-week philosophy of body builders.

Multiple training sessions for each group promote a constant release of protein into the body causing muscles to go through sustained periods of growth.Hypertrophy happens when your tissues or organs increase in size due to the growth of their component cells.

PHUL Workout to Gain Size and Strength

Isolated exercises focus only on one joint and a few muscle groups. This will allow your muscles to repair and increase in size or hypertrophy 12345. Any strength exercises such as using resistance bands and lifting weights when paired with a balanced diet can help you burn calories and build muscles. But the program is highly recommended for lifters who want to build strength, muscle and achieve their ideal weight.

PHUL workout is focused on only two things: upper body exercises and lower body exercises. Its focus is on building strength through integrated movement. It provides you with training exercises specific to each muscle group: legs, back, chest, arms, shoulders, and the core. The workout will educate you on how to train the right way and how to accomplish more challenging routines. People get into workout programs for different reasons.

Some workout to have more energy, others want to reduce body fat. Some do it to strengthen their bones. If you aim to build muscles, to be able to lift heavier loads and to lose weight, then a PHUL workout is worth trying for you. Days 1 and two will be for Power Exercise days followed by a rest day. These include the incline bench, back squats, dips, and lunge.

These exercises will be your basis in building strength. Stimulating hypertrophy can be done through high loads or high tension. High loads mean lifting heavier weight while high tension involves tempo training. It is advised to do the PHUL workout routine for four days a week with minutes workout duration each day. Recent studies indicate that muscle protein synthesis continues to be elevated for up to 48 hours after a heavy workout. This will increase blood flow in the injured areas and will lead to muscle repair through protein synthesis.

Full Review of PHUL Program While Bulking With Tips for Beginners

The program allots two days for strength training. Increase your load time under tension to help you build up strength. During muscle hypertrophy training, the target is to build muscle and mass. This is done by doing isolation movements similar to a bodybuilding program. Low rep exercises should be done at higher weights.

High rep exercises can be done with lower weights and in more gradual movements. Compound exercises should stay the same, but you can substitute them with other exercises that engage more muscles, as needed.

Train your lower back or abdominals during your rest days or at the end of your routine. To ensure progress, you can make changes to the number of reps and sets beginning the third week. Then, you can do go back to the original rep and set pattern and make changes in the following weeks.

Make sure to take note of the changes so you can accurately record your PHUL workout progression. This will give you some vision and direction as you do the workout.The PHUL program follows many of the principles of powerbuilding programming, but could also be considered a bodybuilding program.

The 6 day version is structured as a PPL variationbut the general principles are the same. PHUL is an ideal program for the lifter that wants to continue to develop their strength in heavy compound movements like the squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift, but also want to add size to their physique. The PHUL program even calls for supersets to add additional challenge to the workouts. It features pretty explicit guidelines for the hypertrophy work as well, which is helpful for athletes seeking a bit more guidance for accessory movements.

Even though the spreadsheet contains 13 weeks, it progresses weights in 4 week intervals. So the program is essentially 4 weeks long before recalculating gains and programming off of those new maxes.

Make sure you fill in actual values for the pink numbers. This will auto-calculate other weights for you. The weights shown in the spreadsheet are a sample.

You will need to determine your own. The spreadsheet is meant mostly as a log so you can track progress on the PHUL template. Spreadsheet Source. PHUL Spreadsheet.

reddit phul

However, some of these PPL training sessions might work upper and lower body muscle groups in the same session. For example, a pull training session often includes deadlifts and rows. These would be split into lower deadlift and upper rows training sessions for PHUL. Overall, both are better suited for intermediate lifters, with PHUL being a better starting point. For more details, see this great blog post by Gym Minutes. Established by Doug Hepburn as a powerbuilding routine that blends the heavy weight work of….

Developed by Stephan Korte, the 3x3 program is a two-phased powerlifting program: one high volume,…. Doug Hepburn has become synonymous with brute force and sheer simplicity. This is reflected in…. One of the most popular novice lifting programs, Starting Strength is a textbook literally strength…. Another spinoff of Bill Starr's 5x5, Madcow 5x5 incorporates bodybuilder-friendly assistance work along with lots….

Korte 3x3 Spreadsheet Developed by Stephan Korte, the 3x3 program is a two-phased powerlifting program: one high volume,…. Hepburn Method Powerbuilding Program Spreadsheet Doug Hepburn has become synonymous with brute force and sheer simplicity.

Starting Strength Routine Program Spreadsheet One of the most popular novice lifting programs, Starting Strength is a textbook literally strength….Basically PHUL workout routine is developed for increasing strength along with maximizing muscle hypertrophy.

PHUL Workout Routine Tips + Program Spreadsheet (Updated 2019)

In simple words PHUL workout combines size and strength. Since it is a strength oriented training program, you will hit more muscles than any other training program. That is, the primary focus of PHUL workout routine is mainly on compound lifts. Here we split workout days into two upper body exercises and lower body exercises. PHUL workout program consist of 4 workout days, 2 of its workout days are for pure strength gain and the remaining 2 are for muscle hypertrophy.

Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower Program follows a very high frequency training mode because of that we can keep our muscles in anabolic state throughout the week. Muscle gain is primarily based on the total work done, rather than volume, whereas strength is primarily based on progressive overload. If you considered only about strength gain, then lbs x 10 reps is more useful.

During hypertrophy day you need very less warm up and rest time to do the lbs x 15 reps and you will get the same or more work in in a shorter period, then you can focus more on progressive overload for strength gains on the power days. Frequency: In a training regimen frequency refers to how many times a week you do strength training to a particular muscle group. Power hypertrophy upper lower program designed in such a way that you will train same muscle groups after 48 hours.

That is you can keep muscles in anabolic state throughout the week. Compound Exercises: The focus of PHUL program is to increase optimal performance on main compound lifts and pack maximum muscle. PHUL workout is developed by combining the basics of strength oriented programs and muscle hypertrophy oriented programs.

Comparing PHAT Vs PHUL: The most effective workout.

The main objective of PHUL program is gaining maximum strength by enhancing muscle hypertrophy. The only way to achieve this optimal progression is heavy compound lifts. Isolation workouts are also included in the program to improve compound lifts by maximizing muscle hypertrophy.

Power days: The Power hypertrophy upper lower program reserves 2 of its training days for pure strength gaining. By progressive over loading and increasing time under tension you can increase your strength. When you get stronger, lift more heavy weights, push yourself to the extreme. Hypertrophy days: The remaining 2 days of PHUL workout plan is reserved for muscle hypertrophy oriented training. The goal of muscle hypertrophy days is to pack maximum muscle and mass. In hypertrophy days you will focus on bodybuilding style training.

That is, you will perform more isolation movements in hypertrophy days. Compound lifts should remain unchanged. However you are free replace or insert new isolation movements to the program.In this post, we will dissect and analyze two famous workouts namely PHAT and PHUL to determine which one is most effective when it comes to building muscle and gaining strength.

Before we dive in any further, let me explain why these two routines are similar enough for comparison. PHAT routine is created by Dr. Layne Norton. Not only that, Dr. Now the last parts is whats important. If someone is a record holder in powerlifting and a pro bodybuilder, we can safely assume they know what they are talking about. Basic principle of PHAT is that every muscle is worked 2 times per week.

First 2 days focus on upper and lower body power days while the remaining 3 days are focussed on hypertrophy. Yes its a 5 day workout. In this post, we will not discuss the philosophy behind PHAT. If you are interested in reading it in detail, then follow this link. Next lets look at each day individually and see what exercises are there. For Power Days, the power movements recommended rep range isor 6 — 10 depending upon the exercise.

reddit phul

Also there are many variations on PHAT routine but we are taking the one listed here. Next lets look at PHUL workout routine. Mr Campbell is a powerlifter, a professional trainer and a Youtube celebrity. The workout is performed 4 days per week with 2 power days and 2 hypertrophy days. Both power and hypertrophy days are divided into upper and lower body.

This is how your week will look like on PHUL. This way I get a break between each power day. In my personal experience, it has helped me better focus on power workouts. We have chosen the maximum sets and reps to comparison purpose. Now as we have all the info, lets compare. The first thing with workouts routines is to compare how many sets and reps they have.

This is crucial for many reasons but most importantly, it gives insight on what the workout demands. First lets compare the overall routine stats.

PHAT Routine stats. Quickly plotting the numbers above in a chart, we can see that PHUL is definitely less on the total reps and sets.


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