Worst mario characters

The Sonic Cycle is a meme that has been used by fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise to explain the excitement and eventual disappointment many feel during the lead-up to a new game in the franchise. While Sonic Boom effectively skipped much of the Sonic Cycle by giving fans doubts from the get-go with poorly-received character designs, the moment the excitement starts floundering, according to the Sonic Cycle, is when new characters outside of the core group are announced.

Let me start off by saying that there are many characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog games that I absolutely love. I've grown up playing the Sonic games from Genesis all the way up to Xbox and Wii U, and spent a lot of time with these characters. Sonic was as cool as I thought anthropomorphic characters could get, and I always loved his partnership with Tails. Knuckles and Metal Sonic are arguably the best character additions in franchise history, and facing off against Dr.

Robotnik NOT Eggman never gets old. Speaking of facing off against awesome enemies, I still can't shake how much I loved Chaos in Sonic Adventure, and how bummed I am that the series has moved away from the less goofy tone that the character brought with it. Unfortunately, there have been many more misses than hits when it comes to the new characters being introduced in the more recent games. Check out my picks for the worst characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and sound off about which ones you hate the most in the comments below.

I'm not entirely certain if Silver is actually a bad character or just a tragic victim of circumstance. Appearing in arguably the worst game in the series, he's infamous for his boss fight where you'll be hearing "It's no use! Take this! On the surface, he's actually a pretty cool concept: a time traveling hedgehog with the ability to use telekinetic powers.

It should have opened up some incredible gameplay sequences, but unfortunately, he was thrown right into the fire of Sonic the Hedgehog and his character took a massive hit as a result. Like Silver, Sticks may very well be another victim of timing and circumstance. Her energetic nature is actually fine by me given her feral background, but her odd behavior and awful schemes landed her on this list.

The odd thing is that while she was added to the core team alongside Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy in the Sonic Boom universe, thanks to the weird redesigns of the characters, Sticks may actually be my favorite character model in Sonic Boom.

Still, she doesn't match up to the other characters in the line-up, and as a result, she is underwhelming and, at times, annoying. Cream's appearances aren't necessarily imposing, as much as they are almost always unnecessary. I've never been playing a Sonic game and thought "I wish Cream was here to help out! I'll fully admit that I was a fan of Shadow the Hedgehog when he first hit the scene.

worst mario characters

In my youth, I thought it was a cool concept to have a rival hedgehog to Sonic who could not only match his speed, but also double down on his attitude. Unfortunately, Shadow's story arc played out too similarly to Knuckles' in his debut games, only it wasn't as well done. In addition, Shadow's brooding "tortured soul" personality wore on a lot of fans quickly, dropping much of the cool factor that Sonic Team was going for with his creation. The moment I think the world turned on Shadow, however, was when he got his own game, Shadow the Hedgehog, which ended up being just awful.Mario is one of the biggest video game characters of all time, spawning multiple games every year that people love with a movie on the way.

Despite how big the character is, that doesn't mean that all his games will be good. Make no mistake; Mario has some of the best games ever made. Unfortunately, some developers have placed more confidence in the brand than the game they were making. Released back on the SNES, it's amazing that this game still holds up. Players make their way through vast worlds, exploring secret levels and bonus rooms, while grabbing power-ups that allow them to discover more areas.

There are multiple paths to Bowser's Castle, and it's up to the player to decide which one they want to take. Couple that with an iconic soundtrack and stellar graphics, and it's a game to remember. This game is often cited as the low point for the series. It didn't have the exciting, friendship-destroying gameplay of its earlier iterations.

It's staple new mode was an unbalanced nightmare. It also tried to push a generic line of Mario Amiibo. Nintendo dove pack into its roots on the N64 to create this game, and it shows. Introducing the capture mechanic and the hat throw feels like a glorious one-two punch that also provides a creative, new alternative for power-ups.

We haven't even mentioned the graphics, score, and level design. While the graphics weren't bad and the gameplay looked fine, the final release confirmed that Nintendo had revealed all their cards beforehand. There was only one court to play on, fewer characters than the N64 game, and a pointless Mega Mushroom mechanic that added little to how the game was played.

Anyone could create and share their own levels with ease. Seeing the sheer creativity that people had when making these levels was a pure treat that hasn't been replicated in a game since then. Featuring support with every Amiibo on the market and multiple themes, this was the Wii U game to get. However, there were some issues in translation that actually made the game worse as a result.

Many of the game's issues come down to the control scheme. The original game was designed with the N64's control stick in mind, giving Mario a much wider direction of movement.Some Total Drama characters are not really that good. Harold is a heinous contestant on Total Drama. In Basic Straininghe goes as far as to getting Courtney eliminated.

He isn't a terrible character, but that's why he's on the tail end of this list. I was originally going to put Mike on this list, but he's only the 15th worst. Zoey is so jealous of other females like Anne Maria being near Mike that she acts out of character. Leshawna is on this list because she can be a real pain in the butt. However, there are moments where she is savage.

For example, she throws Heather off the Cliff. Dakota is extremely annoying. She is also very distracted. She takes the photo op with her paparazzi, often costing her team the challenge. Sierra is also an annoying character. She hallucinates for Cody and thinks Cameron is Cody.

Ezekiel is a very unpopular character in Total Drama. He says very sexist comments to his female teammates. I'm glad he got eliminated first. She cannot even control her temper! I'm glad she didn't compete in future seasons.

This is where I really start to trigger people. Like Sierra, who is obsessed with Cody, Bridgette is obsessed with Geoff. I'm glad she got eliminated after she kissed a pole and made out with it. Staci is such a liar! She makes lies about her ancestors and their inventions.

None of her ancestors invented sun tan, forks, swimming, or log cabins! Here she is: in my opinion, the one character I truly despise. She is so resentful of Alejandro and other contestants.

Top 10 WORST Mario Kart Characters!

She even beat up Lightning! I'm glad she never came back after All-Stars. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].Sakurai grew dissatisfied with this game, and reworked it to have prominent Nintendo characters as the fighters. The game was a surprise hit, and each subsequent Nintendo console has had a Smash Bros. While the first Smash Bros. The release of Super Smash Bros.

We are here today to name and shame the worst characters in each game. This makes it obscenely easy to KO, due to the sheer amount of distance it is knocked back from a hit.

This is made worse due to Jigglypuff's unique weakness - the Shield Jump. If you break Jigglypuff's shield while it is blocking, it will be knocked back so much that you are almost guaranteed a KO. Jigglypuff has one of the most powerful moves in the game - Rest. Jigglypuff will fall asleep after using this move, making it risky as you will be vulnerable for a few seconds after its use.

There are small characters, who are fast, and hard to hit like Pikachu. There are big characters, who are strong, and hard to knock back like Donkey Kong. There are also a lot of medium sized characters, who are somewhere in the middle.

It was a major weakness, and he had nothing to make up for it. Luigi is the slowest character in the game. He was still a clone of Mario at this point in the series, meaning he had copies of all of Mario's moves. Almost all of them are less effective than Mario's version of the same move. The exception to this is the Super Jump Punch, which was made stronger. The problem with the Super Jump Punch is that it is very difficult to land, especially with Luigi being as slow as he is.

Before we can discuss the problems with the Mii characters as actual fighters, there is a big issue with them that stops people from choosing Miis in the first place. The reason for this should be obvious. Miis are all about customization. If Nintendo allowed them to be used online, then you would have players creating and using offensive characters. All of the online matches would be dominated by Mii Hitlers, fighting against Miis with crudely drawn genitalia on their face.

This makes it harder to improve whilst playing as any of the three Mii characters Gunner, Fighter, and Swordsman. You will be facing a wide variety of players, most of whom will be very skilled at the game.

Choosing a Mii character as your main will restrict how well you can train with them. As characters, they all under-perform. They are slow, and have generic move sets that lack the polish of the other, more established characters. She must have gotten tired of Link saving her in so many games, and decided to take matters into her own hands Her main magical ranged attack is very poor, and not likely to force players into acting.

This makes it easier to pull off aerial combos on her. By far her worst attribute is her unreliable recovery move. This can lead to Zelda reappearing too far away from the stage, and falling to her doom, due to the player not knowing exactly where she is going to reappear. One advantage that Princess Zelda has is her ability to turn into Sheik. Throughout the series, Sheik has consistently been ranked as one of the best characters in the game.

It would be a real shame if Nintendo separated the two characters Ness uses the power of PSI, this gives him a wide-range of useful psionic abilities in battle.

In terms of sheer utility, both he and Lucas are the undisputed masters. They can attack with both fire and ice, cause status effects, and absorb enemy projectiles.Starting off this list, we have Honey Queen. She is a bee. Bees are not meant to drive. What bothers me is the fact that she stole Waluigi 's spot in Mario Kart 7!

I'm glad Waluigi got his spot back in Mario Kart 8. Number 9: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. This next spot has a tie between the Baby Mario Brothers. So Baby Mario is a character who people seem to hate. He is so annoying. Like, why would you cry when you get trapped in a bubble? The same story can be said about Baby Luigi, and his annoyance is on par with Baby Mario. This is why both Baby Mario Brothers get this spot.

His head is way too big, so I can't even see parts of the course. He is also the only character who can get hit by the roller coaster in Baby Park. Yep, another character who got dropped from future Mario Kart installments.

Birdo is a copy of Yoshibut he looks like a female and has an even worse voice. Yoshi is a good character, but not Birdo. Diddy Kong is another character who got sent to the garbage.

His voice is good in Double Dash, but now his voice is so annoying. I just cannot stand his current voice!

worst mario characters

I think you will laugh at the picture above. A POW Block is going to hit him. He deserves it. He is one of the six characters who has consistently appeared in every Mario Kart game. His voice is awesome in Double Dash and DS, but his voice is too menacing in the rest of the games. Nintendo should've kept Scott Burns to voice Bowser. We recently got Gold Mario this year, and he is just a copy of Metal Mario.

I mean, just look at him!Super Mario. Everyone knows him, from the most hardcore gamers to the casual fans who barely even play. His worst titles tend to have redeeming qualities that make them worth playing and his best have completely changed the video gaming world. But even that quality wavers sometimes. Never too harshly like with Sonic or Mega Man, but more in line with The Legend of Zelda, where the quality is usually so incredibly high that the lesser titles stand out all the more prominently.

What happens when you find a premise so perfect for Wario the game practically makes itself? The thing is, the New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. Themed around collecting as many coins as possible, Mario not Wario for some bizarre reason is thrust into one of the easiest games in the series to date.

Even the post game, which has consistently been difficult, fails to make up for the weak balance. Originally titled Super Mario Bros. Poison mushrooms, invisible blocks, and cruel warp pipes that send you back to previous worlds are only some of the frustrations found in The Lost Levels. Being able to choose from Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad is certainly a treat, but the actual level design tends to be quite dull for the most part.

Most importantly, however, despite introducing several enemies that would end up being staples, it would be decades before Nintendo revisited any design concept from Super Mario Bros 2.

There are four worlds instead of eight, rescuing Daisy instead of Peach, and facing off against aliens instead of Koopas. The short length makes for great bursts of gameplay and the soundtrack is as iconic as any other game in the series. Super Mario Land suffers from being relatively easy and being all over the place in terms of level to level quality, but as far as Game Boy platformers go?

You can criticize the 2. The DS platformer managed to bring platformers back into the spotlight in a big way. It had been years since a 2D Super Mario had been released, let alone made the waves the rebranding did.

Nowadays, of course, the sub series is looked at with a far harsher lens, as many fans consider it a prettied up rehash of the original 2D titles without any of the flair.

Even Miyamoto has regrets over the game, stating he made it far too easy. The weirdness is still present, but it feels a lot more cohesive this time around thanks to themed worlds that really play around with the Super Mario formula in very creative ways.

Mario can travel through outer space, a giant turtle, and even a mechanical version of himself in search of 6 Golden Coins, so that he can do battle with Wario and reclaim his castle. Plus, any Super Mario game that features Wario in a prominent role is one worth playing.

worst mario characters

In terms of design, Super Mario 3D Land is a mix of 2D and 3D Mario, jumping between the two very distinct styles to make one very distinct game. This is both a blessing and a curse for the portable platformer. That said, Super Mario 3D Land more than makes up for that with a respectable amount of content for a handheld Mario and by being genuinely fun.

What do you get when you add four player multiplayer to a single player Mario game? A whole lot of chaos. Introducing co-op to the Super Mario series and featuring Toad as a playable character for the first time since Super Mario Bros. Wii made sure everyone and their mother knew the sequel to the DS bestseller was going to be a multiplayer romp. Ramping up the difficulty from the previous New Super Mario Bros. Wii more than made up for its DS predecessor's shortcomings.

Wii a very fun way to kill an afternoon.The Mario franchise is a series of video games developed and published by Nintendo that features an extensive cast of characters. For the main characters that appear in Mario -adjacent franchises Donkey Kong and Warioplease refer to list of Donkey Kong characters and list of Wario characters.

Mario is depicted as a hero, being constantly the main playable character.

The best Mario games, ranked from best to worst

Mario also appeared in every Mario spin-off game including sports, kart racingfightingand many more. Luigi lives with his brother and travels with him during plenty of their adventures.

He is playable in most of the Mario games. Luigiand throughout the Luigi's Mansion series. Peach is the lead female character from the Super Mario series. Depending on the game, she can be a protagonis t, a supporting characteror a damsel in distress.

Peach is playable in most of the Mario games. Princess Daisy [d] is the princess of the kingdom Sarasaland. Donkey Kong [e] DK is an anthropomorphic gorilla and the main protagonist of the franchise with the same name appearing in the Donkey Kong and Mario video game franchises.

Ten WORST Playable Mario Characters - Impish MATT

He is the leader and first member of the DK crew. Donkey Kong first appears in the arcade game Donkey Konghowever, the modern incarnation of the character introduced in Donkey Kong Country is revealed to be the grandson of the arcade original character.

Diddy Kong [f] Diddy is an anthropomorphic spider monkey and the secondary main protagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise, as well as Donkey Kong's nephew, sidekick and best friend appearing in the Donkey Kong and Mario video game franchises. Diddy Kong is the main protagonist in Diddy Kong Racing Bowser [g] or King Koopa is the leader and most powerful of the turtle-like Koopa race, and has been the archenemy of Mario ever since his first appearance in Super Mario Bros.

He is the main antagonist of the series.

Top 5 Worst Mario Characters

Bowser Jr. Despite being an implied son of Bowser and having identical motivations, Bowser Jr. He is Mario's yellow-and-purple clad arch-rival. Wario is the protagonist in the Wario series of games. His first appearance was in Mario Tenniswhere he was introduced as a doubles partner for Wario. Toad [k] is a mushroom -like humanoid character who is Princess Peach's attendant and a longtime protector of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toadette [l] is Toad's female counterpart and is a mushroom-like girl. She first appeared in the video game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

In New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxeshe can transform into Peachette, a form that highly resembles Princess Peach, with a power-up called the Super Crown. He often acts as a rideable character for the heroes, while in most of the spin-offs, he is a playable character on his own. He has a long tongue which can be used to eat various enemies, and can turn the enemies he eats into eggs that can be thrown.

Yoshi is the main protagonist of Yoshi series. Birdoknown in Japan as Catherine [n]is a pink, anthropomorphic creature who wears a red bow on her head, and has a round mouth that can fire eggs as projectiles.

Since then, Birdo has been a recurring character in various franchise spin-offs and becomes Yoshi's partner. Initially, she was depicted as an antagonist, but has since been depicted as an ally.


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